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We got together to create beautiful, useful things that help build the world we want our children to live in.

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The Two Brown Boys Podcast/Videos

Episode 5 – China gets a bad rap, why is that? Coronavirus, Big Ben Bongs and Battling Weight Loss

February 22, 2020

In our first chat of the new decade, the Two Brown Boys, Mike and Aarish, stay true to form with a rambling journey with their highly opinionated views on why China gets a bad rap from the west and what it means to be post 40 thinking about health. Enjoy!

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Episode 4 – Where the F–K does the Buck Stop? Equity and Nigerian Handshakes

December 5, 2019

For our long awaited fourth podcast (ahem) Mike and Aarish – the 2 brown boys – talk about accountability when you’re building a venture, where equity compensation plays a part and generally ramble as is their wont.

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Episode 3 – The Future, Kids, Abundance and a chocolate croissant

June 14, 2019

The two brown boys talk about what sort of world they’d like their kids to grow up in, argue about how abundant abundance is and what role we need to play in getting it right.

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Episode 2 – Diversity, Identity and a dodgy back massager

May 13, 2019

This is the second one in the series and Mike and Aarish – the 2 brown boys – explore the weirdness around the perception of diversity.

Also features a dodgy back massager.

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Episode 1: The First One

April 23, 2019

This is the first of many.

This is the one where we share what the point of this podcast is – why are we doing this, we takedown Brexit from a colonial payback angle and we talk about the 3 ventures we are building – Helpbuild, Continuum and the Sandbox.

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